Press Releases

New Report Finds that Texas Schools Continue to Rely on Police Officers, Courts, and Juvenile Probation to Address Minor School Misbehavior
Data Show that Youth of Color and Students with Disabilities are Disproportionately Subjected to Arrests, Court Involvement, Use of Force, and Juvenile Probation for Similar Behavior
December 14, 2016
School Police in McKinney, Texas, Arrest and Ticket African-American Students at Excessive and Unequal Rates
School Resource Officers in Dallas Suburb Where Officer Used Extreme Force at Pool Party Found to Receive No Special Training in Working with Children
August 12, 2015
New Report Finds Inconsistent and Unfair Texas Truancy Policies Disproportionately Hurt Low-Income Kids and Students of Color
Judges Are Using Questionable Sanctions in Response to Truancy Charges, Including Forcing Students to Drop Out of School and Take the GED
March 5, 2015
Newly Discovered 1033 Military Surplus Records Show School Districts Around the Country are Receiving Advance Military Equipment
Education and Civil Rights Groups Call for an End to Militarization of K-12 School Police
September 15, 2014
New Video Series Aids Texas Youth Charged with Class C Misdemeanors
Justice of the Peace judge appears in video to offer guidance, background
May 2, 2014
Seven Civil Rights, Social Justice Groups Urge State Agency to End Use of Tasers and Pepper Spray in Texas Schools
Request Comes in Wake of School Police Tasing Incident Contributing to Student’s Fall and Hospitalization with Traumatic Brain Injury
December 5, 2013
Students’ Constitutional Rights Violated by Dallas County Schools & Truancy Courts, According to Complaint Filed Today with Department of Justice
Texas & National Law Centers Challenge Practices Including Arrest, Handcuffing of Students at School
June 12, 2013


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