Keeping Schools Safe

Students, parents, educators, and policymakers are all concerned with finding the best ways to keep schools safe. While we implement methods to protect our school communities from incidents of targeted violence, we must ensure that individual students have their needs met and are not harmed by unnecessary and harsh discipline and justice system involvement, which can funnel young people into the school-to-prison pipeline. School safety depends on fostering positive school climates, building strong relationships, and giving every member of the campus community what they need to thrive.

Check out the resources on this page to learn more about research- and evidence-based methods to ensure school safety; the dangers of relying on exclusionary discipline, law enforcement, and courts to address student needs; and how Texas Appleseed is working to urge policymakers to adopt strategies that keep all Texas children happy, healthy, and safe.


Make My School Safe Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to provide students, parents, other members of school communities and policymakers with answers to fundamental questions about school safety, law enforcement in schools, students’ rights, and the impacts of school safety strategies on students with disabilities.
Find the press release here.
Released September 5, 2018


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Back-to-School Safety Guides
Many students, parents, and educators have concerns about how to keep their campuses safe. These fliers will help explain what works to create safe schools and what can actually be harmful for students.
Released August 2, 2018


Collateral Consequences: The Increase in Texas Student Arrests Following the Parkland and Santa Fe Tragedies 
A report with data from the Texas Juvenile Justice Department for referrals to juvenile probation for “terroristic threat” or “exhibition, use, or threat of exhibition or use of firearms."
Find the press release here
Released July 17, 2018

Letters & Statements

Letter to Governor Abbott in response to his School and Firearm Safety Action Plan
Sent June 6, 2018


Senate Select Committee on Violence in Schools & School Security
Written Testimony - Morgan Craven, Texas Appleseed
July 18, 2018

Senate Select Committee on Violence in Schools & School Security
Summary of Oral Testimony - Morgan Craven, Texas Appleseed
June 12, 2018

Senate Education Committee
Written Testimony - Morgan Craven, Texas Appleseed
March 26, 2018

Blog Posts

In June, we launched a blog series on our blog, The Core. The series is titled Armed Up! How Proposed School Safety & Discipline Policies Could Harm Texas Students. Follow our blog or check back below for new posts.

July 26, 2018:  Our Texas Legacy (by Morgan Craven)

June 21, 2018:  School Safety is About Strong Relationships, Not Hardened Schools (by Morgan Craven)

June 11, 2018: What Zero Tolerance School Discipline Policy has in Common with Ford Pintos, Betamax, and Olestra (by Deborah Fowler)